"Natural forces
within us are
the true healers
of disease"

Hippocrates, 460 BC

Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal naturally – usually without drugs or medical intervention. 


What we understand as symptoms, are in fact the body using its healing mechanism to try and heal, or where this is not possible, to adapt so as achieve the best situation given the health challenges.


My aim is to use nutritional medicine to help you overcome your chronic or autoimmune condition by giving your body the best opportunity to heal itself.

In the case of autoimmunity, its about changing the physiology and reaction of the immune system to make a difference.

I am based in Radlett, Hertfordshire, and am currently seeing clients remotely.

What is Nutritional Medicine?
Nutritional medicine is the use of nutritional therapy and functional medicine to achieve wellness
Nutritional therapy
is an evidence-based approach to health that applies the science of nutrition to promote optimal health and wellbeing
Functional medicine 
looks at why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual
The approach includes:
  • Detailed case taking

  • Testing to identify causes

  • Explanation & education

  • Diet & lifestyle changes

  • Use of nutraceuticals

Success stories

“I was recommended to Lisa and approached her about my consistent bloating amongst other disturbing factors. After 6 weeks of excellent nutritional advice and supplements everything has improved dramatically . I have tried numerous nutritionists in the past with the same symptoms without results. I highly recommend Lisa”

— Louise, 59