What does remission look like?

Is it possible to achieve complete remission from an autoimmune condition? I've often asked myself this. One of my teachers, Dr Dhatis Kharrazian, says that anyone that can reverse autoimmune disease deserves a Nobel prize - could that be me? I've been completely symptom free from Rheumatoid Arthritis for quite a while now - until recently. Over time I have been adding to the foods I eat, one by one, reversing earlier eliminations and moving to a regime where I was eating almost anything. Alas! - the shelf space that I had cleared for my Nobel prize, which is in fact a medal, will have to be empty a little while longer. The relaxation of a regime that had proved very beneficial to me, did not come without a price. In a lifetime gone by, I worked in London with an economist in an investment bank. It was during the 1980s, and the then UK chancellor of the exchequer kept increasing interest rates by tiny amounts in order to try and slow the economic boom. The economy did not react until all of a sudden it did. The economist referred to this as similar to pulling a brick with an elastic band, and that eventually the brick would feel the tension in the elastic band, and boom - you would get hit on the forehead with a heavy brick. And that was a bit like the effect of the subtle changes that I had gradually made. This culminated with a feeling like my condition was in the very early stages of returning. I had a feeling of stiffness in my joints and a bit of pain when climbing up and down steps. I was not prepared to sabotage my good work and recovery, and so began my hard reset. In fact it did not take much to return myself to normal. The hard reset is one that everyone can benefit from, whether you've fallen off the rails, or whether you are just getting started on your healing journey. For two days I started my day with a litre of water, and then an alkalinising regime of three undressed green salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The seasoning was some freshly grated garlic and some chopped onion - yup - even for breakfast. In between this I drank some glasses of celery and cucumber juice, and tried to remain active. I added some antioxidants and detoxing supplements, and bathed at night in hot water and bentonite clay. After only two short days I felt 90% better, and another few days of eating only plants I was back to normal. Healing is not a linear thing, and it is not unusual for my patients to find that although they have taken many steps forward, they sometimes take a step back. Life can throw curveballs at you, be it stress, pandemics or other unplanned happenings. Sometimes it is appropriate to give yourself a bit of a break if you need to, and certainly hard resets like I have described can be very effective. As for that Nobel prize - I'm not ruling it out yet!

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